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Syncrometer testers 

The syncrometer is an audio oscillator which not only detects for the presence of parasites, bacteria, fungus, toxins, etc., but also the specific organ.
A couple of capable syncrometer-testers are listed hereunder.
A syncrometer test can be done by simply sending in a sample of your saliva, which will be tested. They can also test your drinking water and body-care products.
Inquire directly for details.

Praxis SanaVital
Zieglerstrasse 44
3097 Berne
Tel. +41-31-312 2126
Fax + 41-31-312 2127

Several trained naturopaths work at Gesundheitspraxis SanaVital GmbH

SanaVital is specialized in the following therapies: Dr. Hulda Clark's protocol (also intensive programs for chronically ill), Syncrometer testing (also saliva tests), colonics, kirlian analysis, dark field microscopy, classical massage, foot reflexology, acupuncture massage, headache and migraine massage, spinal therapy according to Dorn, scar tissue balancing, cupping, manual therapies (body therapy), bio resonance, fasting according to F.X. Mayr and eliminating diets.


Heike Siemes
41747 Viersen
Tel. +49-2162-359762

Heike Siemes has become a naturopath after 20 years of being a nurse. She works according to Dr. Clark and visited and worked with her on a regular basis and offers saliva tests and  intensive 3 week program for cancer patients


Instituto Clark
Ignacio Chamorro Balda
 C/Maudes, 15- entreplanta A.
28003 MADRID
Tel. 91-441-12-43

Ignacio Chamorro Balda is a naturopath and works according to Dr. Clark  and visited and worked with her on a regular basis. Does syncrometer testing and offer saliva tests, applies orthomolecular nutricion and food intolerances and is an expert in nutrition on a cellular level, etc.


Syncrometer testing
by successteam

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