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Saliva tests 

What is a saliva test and how is the saliva tested?

A sample of your saliva is matched with the frequencies of a specific pathogens. This is done with Dr. Clark’s device : the syncrometer. The syncrometer detects the presence of parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus, toxins, etc

Benefits of a saliva test

• No need of being present in person.
• Can be kept for re-testing

What needs to be tested in a cancer patient?

Dr. Clark tests for 105 items as per her Test Flow-sheet (Prevention book).
Following is a summary of what is tested:

• Immune-depressants present in drinking water
• Magnetic polarizations
• Metals and solvents
• Viruses, bacteria and fungus
• Oncoviruses
• Parasites
• Plant compounds
• Cancer markers

Where can you have your saliva tested?

Contact: or here:  for a direct contact. Inquire directly for details

Thomas Pfulg  and Heike Siemes, syncrometers-testers,  offer an extensive range of various saliva tests  for any health conditions. Heike Siemes is specialized in the Test Flow-Sheet for cancer patients.

You can also have your drinking water, body-care products, house dust and saliva of your pet tested.

For the registration form, go here:

For an overview of the various saliva tests offered, go here:

Test Flow Sheet for cancer patients

The “Test Flow Sheet” is a form containing all substances and items that are usually found in cancer patients. The goal is to eliminate the burdening substances and regain the body’s natural apoptosis. The test Flow Sheet has been set up to be tested at four levels: saliva, lymph, organ with tumor and tumor itself. As soon as a major problem begins to subside, it is no longer detectable in the saliva, but could still be detected in the other lymph and so forth.
Besides  parasites, viruses,  bacteria, fungus and toxins, other elements are tested. We cite some of these to help you better understand what is happening in your body:

Complement C3
Part of the immune system. C3 molecules pierce renegade cells in the body. Negative means they are not working

Stem Cell Factor (SCF)
Are made to heal where there is a need. Is made by the hypothalamus but in cancer patients it is made according to a demand from a damaged organ by hypothalamus cells afloat in the body

Hypothalamus, pituitary and pancreas cells
Renegade cells end up afloat in the body away from parent organ through micro explosions and fuse together. Should be negative.

Human growth hormone (HGH)
Made by pituitary gland and release by the hypothalamus gland. Produced for healing and then excreted by the body. When hypothalamus cells have left parent organ and is afloat in the body, they keep making releasing factors without a stop. Should be negative

Tumor nucleus
Fusion of hypothalamus, pituitary and pancreas cells. Should be negative

Orthophosphotyrosine (OPT)
Growth stimulant produced by fasciolopsis buski and triggered by isopropyl alcohol. Should be negative

Tricalcium phosphate
Hard calcium deposits of tumors. Should be negative

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)
Hormone that protects the tumor. Should be negative.

Ribonucleotide reductase (RRase)
Enzyme which makes DNA out of RNA. Causes also carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA). Body controls it during a healing period but not in a tumor. Should be negative

DNA, DNA polymerase
As above  - should be negative. Contributes to malignancy

Fibronectin, Cadherin E, Laminin
Should be negative. Adhesive molecule produced by fasciolopsi buski and Ascaris megalocephala. They attach the triplet to the fourth organ

Prostaglandin (PGE2)
Substance made by our tissues when irritated by an antigen. Should be negative

Phosphatidyl serine (PS)
Normal part of the internal side of the cell membrane is loosened and sticks outward into the matrix as a signal when tumor begins apoptosis (internal digestion ). Should be positive

Cytochrome C
Seen in tissues that start apoptosis meaning PS is present . Should be positive

Tags cell proteins for internal digestion. Should be positive

Caspase-1, Cathepsin B
Needed for internal digestion . Should be positive . Cathepsin B also for external digestion

Telomerase inhibitor II
Inhibits tumor cells . Should be positive

External digestion of tumor. Should be positive

(From “The Prevention of all Cancers” book , copyright)

Syncrometer testing
by successteam

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