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DENTAL CLEAN UP                         

I recently underwent some state-of-the art, radical dental surgery for the purpose of improving my health.  I thought I knew what the results would be, but they are not all in yet.  Still, I need to tell how my hearing has improved, as well as leg and stomach edema, and circulation to my skin on my legs.  Also, my body is more supple and flexible, I have more sexual energy, and
most of my daily brain fog is gone.  (Brain fog is common to Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Chemical Injury, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.) 

As if those improvements were not enough, I notice I drizzle food on my clothes while I eat about 95% less, and I have much better control of my urinary bladder.  Also, gone is acid reflux and indigestion.  Can you believe that?

Things are not always simple, and getting from being brain damaged and bedridden to becoming a reasonably functional person cannot easily be explained.  The odds were against me, but I decided to defy the authorities who gave me no hope.  Over two decades I've done a lot of things to reverse my situation.  Enough things, that it would take at least a book length manuscript to tell about it all.  The oral surgery was just one more thing in my movement toward health.

I got interested in the effect of teeth on health in my struggle to get my brain to work properly.  I read that if you have metal across the midline of your head, it can impair the function of the brain.  I had my two front teeth crowned with something called "ceramco" which was ceramic over gold, and the dentist, for strength, actually made it with one piece of gold shaped like two teeth, so there I was with metal over my midline.  I wanted it off!

At the same time, I heard that people with environmental illness (multiple chemical sensitivity) felt better and were healthier when they had their amalgam (silver & mercury) fillings removed and replaced.  I knew little of this but I helped add up the results of a survey taken at a large support group of MCS people in New York City.  People were given questionnaires
regarding what modalities helped them.  All those who answered they had mercury amalgam removed, reported it helped them.  (Other things I recall that helped a lot were supplements and prayer/meditation.)

In time, I had all of my crowns and fillings removed and replaced with a relatively innocuous composite.  The most surprising immediate effect was on the evening of the day the last crown was removed (in the lower rear of my mouth), I stopped hearing noise in my ears.  I had been hearing "whoosh, whoosh. every night.  It stopped.

Another effect was that my very painful fibromyalgia was greatly relieved.  In fibro, your muscles don't work within themselves in synch, i.e., some fibers pull harder than others, and you get really bad pain.  There were times I was crippled from it, and turning over in bed at night was excruciating.  That all improved vastly with the removal of the mercury and other metals.

Studies have shown a link between muscle pains, MS, and the like, and mercury amalgam fillings, often called "silver" fillings. Still another effect was that my cholesterol level fell.

A little realized relationship exists between cholesterol and Mercury.  The body -- to protect itself from the mercury whose fumes gets breathed in and as a solution in saliva gets swallowed - binds the mercury with cholesterol.  When the mercury begins to leave the body, so does the excess cholesterol.  In other words, it is not pathological to have an elevated cholesterol level when you also have mercury fillings in your mouth.  In fact, the cholesterol is a protection against symptoms developing such as to the nerves or muscles.

During the time I was undergoing the amalgam-removal (by a dentist who knew the proper, safe protocol for this work),  I started reading the dental protocol of Hulda R. Clark, N.D., Ph.D.
She recommends strongly against capping or crowning teeth because if they are that badly damaged, they should be removed.  But I wanted very much to keep my teeth.  I had nearly all of them and wanted to keep it that way.

In the process of recrowning or recapping teeth, I had a few go bad.  I could tell.  They were dead by then so didn't hurt a lot, but I had a discomfort in the gums/jaw.  I also saw my ankles become puffy and was exhausted to the point that it was hard to stand on my feet to cook and do dishes.  I found when the tooth in question (they went bad, one at a time) was pulled, the puffiness left my ankles and my strength came back.  I hadn't learned yet that my heart was also being affected by an infected tooth and that was why I was so weak.  At least, I believe that now.     

I also believe now that high speed drills are not good for teeth.  They cook them, and also can make minute cracks in them. I wouldn't be surprised if the high speed drill contributed to the demise of my teeth, but I don't know for sure.  But in any case, if you look in any of Clark's books, you see pictures of what it looks like under those shiny crowns.  It's not pleasant!

I acceded to Clark's dental protocol to the extent I did not get any bridges made, as bridges have to cut into good teeth to secure themselves.  I got partials (removable partial dentures) instead.  And so it went for years.  My surviving teeth looked just  fine.  In general, if I went for a dental check up, I was not told I needed to have teeth extracted, except I did develop a draining fistula under my front lip.

Without detailing it, I treated the fistula and it "went away."  I consulted a conventional oral surgeon and he saw no reason to pull my front tooth.  (I had lost one in the first round of having teeth go bad after I changed caps.) The fistula was not apparent, and the tooth was solidly in.  There was no decay to be seen.


I've learned to pay attention to my body and its reactions.
Maybe it's a survival thing.  After I saw health improvements described above, I was living in a situation in which I was daily the recipient of pesticide sprays, and also herbicides and lawn chemicals.  These do not agree with me and my body began to shut down.  One of the signs was that I could not only not lose weight (I'm overweight) but all I could do was gain weight.  My body systems were slowing down including my metabolism.  Some of my neighbors who were not environmentally ill, were also showing signs of increasing or sudden, serious illnesses.  It was an unhealthy situation.
I was able to escape and get my own, relatively safe house, and my weight, for the first time, began to fall of its own accord. I was not on a special diet. 

The body tucks poisons or toxins away in the fat, and to that extent, fat protects the body as it keeps the toxins from circulating where they can do damage to vital organs.



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