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Testimonials of persons who have used Dr. Hulda Clark’s therapy for the treatment of
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II have emailed you a number of times before.and I have a few queries, if I can ask them.
I have been appyling the Dr Clark protocols on parasite removal for a while now with
enormous success and it has made a huge difference to my life. I am an hiv sufferer and I consider the application of these protocols as having literally saved my life this at a time when I really did not know where to turn for help. However as I am in a very far away part of the world(!) some of the supplements necessary for the application of the protocols are difficult to come by and are quite expensive. One of the repeated problems I seem to have is at the onset of even a small infection of sorts I have bad insomnia. This is alleviated by using large quantities of L-Ornithine as Dr Clark suggests. However acquirirng these quantities is difficult and expensive.



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