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Testimonials of persons who have used Dr. Hulda Clark’s therapy for the treatment of
Cancer, HIV, AIDS and all sort of diseases, or used the ZAPPER or cleansing programs



Dear sir,               

I came across Indian version of madam Dr. Clark’s book
“HIV/AIDS cure” two months back.  Basically I am an Electronics engineer.

As a hobby I learnt homoeopathy and treating poor people free of cost. I am
treating a lady  of 40 years age with HIV,  as advised by Dr. Clark in the
above mentioned book.

The zapper I modified a little bit, so that the frequency continuously varies from 200khz to 800khz in every two seconds automatically.  Parasite killing program, worms treatment and other advises are followed in the same way.

The treatment is being given to the patient since one month. Previously the patient was with continuous fever and diarrhea, not able to walk. Allopathic treatment failed totally in her case. Miraculously, after starting Dr. Clark’s treatment with in a week her fever gone, diarrhea stopped. After a month she is leading a normal life. Previously she was not able to walk even but now she runs and climbs the steps comfortably. 

She took back all the house work from her husband.  Dr. Clark saved her and
brought back happiness in their home.

I came to know of the arrest of madam Dr. Clark. Punishing her, instead of
awarding, is a great sin. May God give her enough strength to fight out the
situation and to do further service to  mankind.

My regards to madam. My good wishes to you and the team.

Thanking you,



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