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Our Prevention Strategy will be....

 ... to clear one set of white blood cells before killing parasites. These are the kidney WBCs.

If your white blood cells, both the virus-eaters and the bacteria-eaters, are already cleared of their 5 immunity blockers they will snap up all the viruses and bacteria as soon as they are released so you do not feel an iota of illness. You may have killed some key parasites so that Flu and salmonella are swimming everywhere, but your kidney WBCs will be capable of catching them and throwing them into the urine and out of the body. That is why the kidney WBCs are chosen, above all the others. If your white blood cells still have dyes and heavy metals in them, on the other hand, you will not be helped by them and must rely solely on Flu virus killing and salmonella killing. Failing to do this while you are on the program can then lead to a Flu and salmonella attack. Although detox-illness is not very serious, it is demoralizing for everybody, wasting your time as well. You could lose 3 days having to get yourself well enough to continue. That is why Flu and salmonella patrol is one of your regular "housekeeping" chores throughout the program.

Besides being free of the 5 blockers, your white blood cells must be fed, too. Like any army, they must be fed constantly, not on starvation rations. They need 3 foods:

  • organic germanium
  • organic selenium
  • organic vitamin C

If you feed them lower quality food, they will need much more of it. A teaspoon of hydrangea root or raw nuts supplies the organic germanium; an equivalent supplement would need to be huge.

A large Brazil nut, freshly cracked, brings 50 mcg of organic selenium, but can replace a dose of pure sodium selenite of 1000 mcg.

A teaspoon of coarsely ground rose hips, seeds included, supplies the vitamin C power of 2000 mg.

This is because the effectiveness of a natural substance does not just depend on an "active ingredient". There are extra factors involved, making the whole food more effective.

If you grind these substances yourself, you must promptly cat or encapsulate them and store them in the freezer. They must only be coarsely ground to avoid putting nickel and chromium in them yourself. They must not be stored, nor purchased already cracked. Nuts are, of course, delicious. But the other 2 immune-cell foods are less so and can be put into a cocktail or made into a dressing (see Recipes) promptly.

All cancer patients have starved white blood cells*, so our very first task will be to feed them. In ten minutes we can see them at work clearing their own bacteria and viruses, which they could not kill and get rid of before. After this, we can help them get rid of their asbestos, heavy metals, and dyes. They won't need help with PCBs and benzene. All these can be gone in about 5 days. Soon they can take on the larger task of clearing your organs one by one. We will help those WBCs at the kidneys first because they create an exit path for the others.

Remember that white blood cells act like relay runners. They pick up toxins from nearby and bring them to a relay station (a lymph node). They unload them on another white blood cell that takes it to the kidney white blood cells. These relay it to the bladder white blood cells and the job is done. Next, we see the toxins in the urine. They will be gone.

Levamisole clears the ferritin off kidney white blood cells. If your water is no longer bringing you asbestos, the deferritinizing will be complete here in a few days and everywhere in about 3 weeks.

Getting the heavy metals and dyes, all trapped in thick wheel bearing grease, out of the kidneys and their white blood cells must be done homeographically. Even this is too slow when a crisis threatens. A mere '/4 tsp. DMSO, in 1/2 cup cold water, drunk once a day begins to dissolve wheel bearing grease. It shows up in the urine in minutes and continues for several hours. Then it stops again. In a few days your kidneys and their WBCs are cleaned enough to permit steady detoxification without detox symptoms. But you will need to go to a foreign country for DMSO treatment. Read more about it on the Internet. See also a book by Dr. Morton Walker*, DMSO Nature's Healer on how to use it for many other serious illnesses.

No amount of vitamin B2 or coenzyme Q10 can reach inside the WBCs to remove dyes here. And no chelation treatments can pull heavy metals out swiftly and surely when only days remain. But they come out with DMSO along with the wheel bearing grease. That is why the standard treatment of IV therapists in Mexico has included DMSO for decades; its benefits are so obvious. But, of course, there must be no more grease arriving. Your success will depend on whether you moved to a clean water zone.

All 5 toxins can be cleared out of the kidneys and their WBCs together, starting as soon as no more are coming into your body, that is, when food, water, dental metal and cooking pots have been cleared. It takes 4 days. Then we can start killing parasites without fear of a detoxification-illness attack. 


 To prevent a Flu attack while curing your cancer, keep clearing the kidneys and their white blood cells of wheel bearing grease, dyes and heavy metals first. And feed them germanium, selenite and vitamin C constantly

Your kidneys' WBCs will be back on patrol.

(From: "The Prevention of all Cancers", pages 76-78; Copyright notice)


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