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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is easily cured by removing metal and radioactivity from the teeth. This takes the burden of detoxifying these off the liver. It begins to recover immediately (in days). If the total bilirubin is already climbing, even very slightly over the top of the range, you should jump into action. Fungus is trying to grow in the liver, spreading itself, and producing aflatoxin. This poisons the liver’s ability to detoxify your hemoglobin for excretion. At the same time, the mercury from your teeth is poisoning the enzyme that should help to keep your bilirubin low…it is your bilirubin oxidase. You may have already changed your amalgam to plastic. Unfortunately, a large part of it still resides in the gums and gum canal where all the tiny pieces collected during removal. Start the mouthwash and gargle routine (see page 420) to get loose bits out yourself. Make it a daily habit like brushing teeth. In a few months you could be much better. The gum-clearing must be done by a dentist.

In all hepatitis C as well as jaundice cases getting the metal out of your mouth more completely is the key and the cure, specifically copper, cobalt, chromium, nickel, and mercury. You can have this done in 2 days. Do not replace the dental metal with anything till the bilirubin is down. Otherwise you could be covering up a tiny missed bit that would never be found later. Getting “most” of it out won’t help! It must be all out. If survival is at stake you should extract amalgam-teeth, not replace. Then clear the gums while doing the chelating mouthwashes on page 419.

• As soon as the metal is out of the mouth, take the set of drops called “heavy metals-out-of kidneys and lymph”.
• This can be followed by “heavy metals-out-of liver”; this means “out-of each part” of the liver, as shown in the drawing, page 462.
• This can be followed by “heavy metals-out-of-blood” and then “mercury-out-of-blood”.

Removing metals always saves a jaundice patient since this program is effective in 2 days. Watch the total bilirubin level on your blood test; it should get down to 1.0 before you can relax.
The fungi, Penicillium and Aspergillus, depend on the specific metals mentioned; when these metals are gone the fungi stop making aflatoxin. The missing mercury stops inhibiting the bilirubin oxidase enzyme.

Hepatitis C disappears in days, almost too quickly to be able to study it.

• Take milk thistle seed capsules to help the liver
(1 capsule 3 times daily). Disinfect by freezing after testing for chlorox and contaminants.
• Take thioctic acid capsules, 1 capsule 5 times daily, to do the exotic kinds of detoxification the liver is normally capable of. Test for contaminants and freeze.
• Take herbs to kill Salmonella and E. coli in the liver. You are getting these from your daily foods, products and supplements and also as detox-effects. Take 6 Lugol’s drops 4 times daily (10 drops if you have 2% diluted iodine) and burdock for Salmonella. The herbs to kill E. coli are turmeric and fennel, 6 capsules of each, 4 times daily for 2 days. If you do not get the good results expected you are still eating these bacteria. Search for the source.
• Sterilize all your food, products, and supplements.

(From "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers, page2 461-463; Copyright)


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