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Dr. Clark's Kidney Cleanse

[As in "The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers", 2007 edition] 
... you will also help your kidneys pour themselves clean many more times a day than before by drinking many herbal teas. We will also use special supporting kidney "drops", but you could use the Kidney Cleanse from earlier books instead if you are not advanced. It is an herbal recipe that removes several kidney blocks listed here:

    • the methyl malonate block
    • the heavy metal block
    • the gold block
    • the azo dye block
    • the asbestos block
    • the radioactivity block
    • the wheel bearing grease and motor oil block
    • the plastic and rubber block

Plastic adn rubber can come from many sources. As plastic and rubber replace the whole world's wood and metal we fill up more and more with our gaskets, O-rings, washers and valves. As fabric gets fused with rubber in clothing there is no way of escaping the cerium that flows from them. Yet, there are parts of plastic and rubber that cannot be excreted by our bodies. Eventually, they form a blockage of the kidneys. Black, white and green rubber, as well as plastic, fills our kidneys, coming from the hoses and pipes that transport our processed food, dairy products, and even bread.

... We do not need to be perfect - only successful in unblocking our kidneys so swellings disappear, effusions stay away and health returns. It is miraculous that herbs exist able to do such tech^nical tasks, and that they were already known to help kidneys thousands of years ago.

    (from "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers, pp. 141; Copyright notice)

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