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Plate-zapping instructions

[As in "The Prevention of all Cancers", 2004 edition]

What is plate-zapping?

Plate-zapping zaps preferably one organ at a time. Everything in the zapped organ gets cleaned out

Benefits of Plate-zapping

  • Plate-zapping overcomes the obstacle of PCBs.
  • WBCs of the specific organ are instantly energized
  • Plate-zapped organ gets a north polarization

How long should a patient plate-zap?

It takes about 8 hours of daily zapping to catch up and exceed the rate of the spreading of the disease.

What needs to be plate-zapped?

  • Vascular and lymphatic system
  • Kidneys
  • Arteries, veins, white blood cells of the organ with a tumor
  • Organ with the tumor
  • Tumor itself 

What are pF and uH?

  • pF stands for picofahad and uH for microhenry. These are electronic components.
  • pF gives the preference for the right side of an organ and uH the left side of an organ.

What is needed to plate-zap?

  • Plate-zapper
  • Zapper
  • Red and black cables
  • Pair of pipes
  • No. 5 sets of pF (picofarad) and uH (microhenry)
  • Bottle copies of vascular, lymphatic system, tricalcium phosphate and involved organs  or organ slides

How to set up your plate-zapper?

  • Connect electrodes of the zapper to the connection box. The red on positive and the black on negative output
  • Connect black cable to negative output and attach the electrode to the pipe. This goes under your right foot, near the heel
  • Connect red cables, one to the right plate and the other to the left plate outputs in the connection box and then to the right and left plates of the plate-zapper. Attach the electrode to the pipe and put it under your left foot, near the heal
  • Wrap a single layer of paper towel around  the pipe and wet

How to plate-zap

Start with the BASIC SET everyday. Each plate-zapping session takes 20 minutes. Four zapping sessions form the Basic set, therefore it will take 1 hr and 20 minutes

Basic Set:

Left plate:              Right plate:
Blood                     WBCs
Lymph                    “A” + 1 pF
“L”                          “A” + 1 uH
“L” + 1 uH               CSF

“A” stands for arteries
“L” stands for lymphatic vessels
CSF stands for cerebrospinal fluid (the lymph that baths the brain)
WBCs stands for white blood cells

Organ with tumor:
Put the organ with the tumor on the right plate.
Put one part of the vascular system  (basic set) on the left plate and rotate these with every plate-zapping session (The order does not matter)

The organ plate-zapping sessions are to be done with:

  • Organ alone
  • Organ touching “A” (arteries of the organ are being plate-zapped)
  • Organ touching “L” (lymphatic vessels of the organ are being plate-zapped)
  • Organ touching “WBCs (WBCs of the organ are being plate-zapped)

pF and uH are used to specifically zap the right or left sides of the organ


  • The left plate continues as mentioned above rotating the parts of the basic set
  • On right plate put organ touching the tricalcium phosphate bottle copy.


  • Plate-zap only one location at a time
  • Do not plate-zap at night

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