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Cancer Location Table

This list of cancer locations and food antigens is not complete. Many, in italics, need further verification. Testers are encouraged to find more and share results

 Cancer Location  Food Allergen (antigen)
 abdominal mass (Onchocerca & lymph node)  lCORN, SHRIMP
 adrenal gland  mandelonitrile (almonds), aldosterone
 alveoli  D-mannitol (sugar variety)
 aorta  menadione (raw greens & grains)
 artery  hippuric acid (dairy products)
 B- cells  CORN, D-malic aicd (malonic family)
 bile duct  acetic acid (vinegar)
 bladder  cinnamic acid
 bone  PIT, (cabbage)
 bone marrow  limonene (lemon)
 brain & spinal cord  caffeic acid (fruit, coffee)
 breast  apiol (soy products, oil)
 capillaries  hippuric acid, pyrrole, benzoic acid
 cardiac (upper) stomach  phenol (derived from benzene)
 cartilage  wheat
 CD4's (T4 lymphocytes)  ASA (aspirin)
 cervix  ASA (aspirin)
 chest mass (Dirofilaria & lymph node)  lactose (milk sugar),SHRIMP
 choroid plexus (brain)  alphaketoglutaric acid
 cochlea (ear)  cinnamic
 colon  acetic acid, pyrrole, (blood, smoked food)
 crista (ear)  malvin (red and blue fruits)
 diaphragm  NGF, (nerve growth factor), sardines, mannitol
 epiglottis (throat)  naringenin (oranges), retinol (synthetic vitamin A)
 esophagus  menadione
 esophagus, upper  menadione, acetic acid, caffeic acid
 Eustachian tube  butter, beef
 eye  lily family (ONION, GARLIC, asparagus)
 eye, iris  galacturonic acid (dairy products)
 Fallopian tube  umbelliferone (carrots)
 fimbria  chlorophyll
 gallbladder  acetic acid
 heart  tryptophane, tryptamine
 heart (pacemaker, purkinje)  lactose (cow's milk)
 Hodgkin's lymphoma  lactose, SHRIMP, acetaldehyde
 hypothalamus  chlorogenic acid
 ileocaecal valve  PIT, naringenin

 Islets of Langerhans in
head region of pancreas
. tail region of pancreas

To find these, touch insulin sample to
pancreas sample and add 1 pF or uH for
head region, and 2 or more uH for tail region


 kidney  albumin, casein (dairy food, cheese)
 ligamentum nuchae  limonene
 liver  umbelliferone (carrots)
 lumbar spine  caffeic acid
 lung  coumarin (vanilla, rice, clover honey)
 lung lymph nodes  tryptophane (milk)
 lymph node  SHRIMP,(fish, seafood), D-mannitol
 lymph vessel valve  lactose
 malignant melanoma  phenyl alanine plus mercury
 medullated nerve  apple (not phloridzin), caffeic acid
 medulla + 1 pF  galacturonic acid,(dairy foods), allyl methyl sulfide, diallyl sulfide (ONION)
 medulla  apiol, ONION
 medulla, left  tryptophane, piperine, gallic acid
 megakaryocytes  ASA, cinnamic (A.M. Leukemia)
 nipple and ducts of breast  Phenyl alanine
 non Hodgkin's lymphoma  SHRIMP & CORN
 nose, tip (nasal epithelium)  hippuric,sodium pyruvate (red apple)
 omentum  limonene
 osteomyelitis  umbelliferone (carrot)
 ovary  phenyl alanine, apiol (milk, oils)
 pancreas  gallic acid (preservative in oil, grain)
 parathyroid  guanidine (not guanidine HCl)
 parotid gland (cheek)  hipppuric acid
 penis  ASA (aspirin)
 peripheral nerve  apiol, caffeic acid
 pineal gland (brain) caffeic acid
 pituitary  phloridzin
 platelets  limonene, D-malic acid
 prostate  acetic acid, naringenin
 RBC (red blood cells)  fructose (sugar in honey, corn syrup)
 rectum  NGF (nerve growth factor), D-mannitol
 salivary glands  casein
 seminal vesicle  ASA (aspirin)
 skeletal muscle  melon (not cantaloupe), lemon
 skin  acetaldehyde, nuts, NGF, apiol
 sperm  glycine (amino acid)
 spermatic cord  quercitin (squash)
 spleen  peanut
 stomach (all parts)  phenol
 sublingual gland  citric acid
 submaxillary gland  eugenol (cloves)
 tendons  D-mannitol, rice
 testis  phenylalanine, D-tyramine, glycine
 thymus  naringenin
 thyroid  d-tyramine, chlorine, fluorine, bromine
 tongue, filiform  naringenin, MSG (monosodium glutamate), retinol, beta carotene
 tongue, fungiform  ASA, naringenin, MSG, menadione, benzoic, retinol
 tonsil  ASA, naringenin, MSG, retinol, D- tyramine
 trachea  phenol. phloridzin
 ureter  D- mannitol, avocado
 urethra  caffeic acid
 uterus  phenyl alanine (milk)
 vagina  acetaldehyde, nuts, ASA(aspirin), banana
 vas deferens  estrone (estrogenic)
 veins  menadione
 vein valves  CORN

Food antigens invite the tumor nucleus to the allergic organ

(from “The Cure and Prevention of all Cancer”, page 292-295; Copyright notice)

Advanced cancer
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