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Before Starting Dr. Clark's Programs

Things you should know before starting Dr. Clark’s programs:


  • Remove all amalgam or other metal in your mouth. Extraction is best
  • Use tooth zappicator on each remaining tooth and tooth space to remove residual metal and to harden plastic
  • Do not zappicate metal containing teeth or root canals.
  • Do this 3 times - it has permanent lasting effect
  • Zappicate dentures 40 minutes on each side to “set” the plastic and destroy PCBs

Blood Tests and Analysis:

Request these blood tests:

  • CBC
  • Urinanalysis
  • Blood chemistry (called SMAC) of about 24 items,
  • PCR-HIV-i-RNA QN for HIV sufferers
  • Immune analysis: CD4 and CD8 counts, and their ratio for HIV sufferers
  • A cancer “marker” test for cancer patients
  • Blood clotting tests
  • Serum iron
  • Don’t have contrast injections with your scans; request ultrasound or dye-free scans
  • Don’t have a bone scan or whole body scan without evidence of bone or whole body disease
  • Don’t use plastic IV bags
  • Don’t do a biopsy when chemo is not  a choice anyway and when a history of cancer makes malignancy the most probable description; avoid the spread of cancer cells out of its enclosure

Body-care Products:

  • Stop using all cosmetics, body products such as soap and shampoo, unless tested by  Syncrometer for laundry bleach, azo dyes, isopropyl alcohol and PCBs or else use borax
  • Stop using metal jewelry; harden all plastic items in sonicator (20min.) or in steaming (not boiling) hot water for ½ hour

House Products:

  • Stop using all house cleaning products unless tested by Syncrometer for laundry bleach, azo dyes, isopropyl alcohol and PCBs, or else use borax


  • Purchase cookware, cutlery and container that do not seep. Test with conductivity indicator


  • Request allergy testing – RAST food test
  • Test herbs, teas or supplements by Syncrometer for laundry bleach, azo dyes, isopropyl alcohol and PCBs
  • Diet should be free of chlorogenic acid, phloridzin, gallic acid, onion-garlic and lily family, such as leeks, chives, asparagus and aloe vera, oats, potatoes, dairy foods (except butter and heavy whipping cream), eggs, lemons, all cooking oils. Avoid cilantro, beans, roasted peanuts, and canned or processed foods
  • Ozonate all foods and beverages and place on zappicator
  • Eat free-range, organic beef, turkey, lamb or buffalo. Choose nitrogen packed grains as cereals.
  • Bake your own bread or use a bread maker


  • Find a clean source of water that does not contain “laundry bleach”  which contains immune-depressants
  • Drink enough water


  • Zap everyday preferably plate-zapping for 8 hours a day


  • Apply 10 gauss magnets during the day – northside on skin: one over the middle of spine at back of neck. Two over each kidney region.

(Excerpt from the "Prevention of all Cancers" pages 237 to 140ff; Copyright notice)

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