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Three Tumor Removers 

So far, the Syncrometer has seen 3 ways the body uses to shrink a tumor to disappearance. There may be more. It is not uncommon to see tumors disappear completely with intravenous alternative therapies, providing EDTA, which removes metals; laetrile, which kills SV 40 and other oncoviruses; DMSO, which dissolves wheel bearing grease; vitamin A, D3, and thyroid, which are differentiators. Used together the three tumor-removing processes are at work.

One is apoptosis, internal digestion of tumor cells. It gets started after a "flag" is hoisted on the cell membrane. The flag is phosphatidyl serine (PS). We can see this with the Syncrometero. It is a task of the tumor cell.

The second is plain digestion. Our bodies let our food­ digestion enzymes, lipase, pancreatin, and many others penetrate the tissues and clean them up. It is the job of the pancreas.

The third is phagocytosis. Our newly revitalized white blood cells; particularly CD8s and macrophages (CD14s) can simply eat all the leftovers of the tumor and take them to the bladder. It is the task of our WBCs.

We will meet all these actors again.

Monitoring your own progress in tumor shrinking with a Syncrometer makes it an exciting adventure. Hopefully you or a friend will be motivated to learn to use it. But it is not essential. What is essential is diligence with every detail so you can be certain these 3 steps are happening, even without monitoring.

So far we have learned about the beginning of all tumors. Those that will become benign, not malignant, have the same beginning. We will discover the difference later.

(From: "The Prevention of all Cancers", pages 68-69; Copyright notice)

Toxins & chelation
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