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Restoring Immunity 

Healthy kidneys have a northerly polarization by day. This means their tiny cell channels for accepting food and pushing out its wastes will be open and working. Throughout the day, the Syncrometerฎ detects mercury, thallium, copper, cobalt, vanadium, dyes, PCBs, even asbestos and malonic acid in the urine. That is what we have been eating! At night healthy kidneys turn southerly. They make very little urine and put very few toxins into the urine. Only spent iridium, a quota of iron, the bleach in your drinking water, undigested oil, yeast and its oncovirus, RAS, stem cell factor and HGH are regularly seen past midnight. The kidneys need their "sleep" no doubt. See the table of urine contents for a healthy person by daytime and nighttime.

In cancer patients the kidneys have turned southerly by daytime, quite unsuitable. Asbestos and the oxidized forms of iron besides nickel are stuck in them, trapped by thick sticky wheel bearing grease that cannot leave. Being southerly signals them that it's time to sleep. Very few toxins show up in the urine now, even though it is daytime and even though the kidneys are full of copper, cobalt, vanadium and other toxins waiting to be excreted. It is no wonder that these metals and toxins go elsewhere to accumulate.

In cancer patients the kidneys switch to northerly at night, which is wrong again, but at least they should be able to work. Only now other organs are not cooperating with them because they are "sleeping". White blood cells work day and night. They are constantly switching between northerly and southerly, picking up debris while north, releasing it while south. But releasing requires 3 supplements and if they are missing even one of these, the release is stalled. The white blood cells are stalled in their south state. They are waiting. Waiting for organic germanium, organic selenium and organic vitamin C. These 3 supplements feed the white blood cells so they can release their toxic cargo into the bladder and go back for more. We will use hydrangea root, sodium selenite and rose hips to supply them, though they are less than perfect. We will also use manufactured vitamin C and Germanium-132 as well as various nuts to increase dosages. See page 76.

Getting strong excretion by the kidneys is a pressing problem for the cancer patient. Unless our detoxifying program is accepted by the kidneys, we can't be successful. The elimination system, our bowels, can come to the rescue, to some extent. Other alternative therapists have made the most of this, too. They may rely on enemas, several a day, to get toxins cut of the body. We will do this also, even using enemas as a vehicle to deliver herbal treatments.

The Syncrometerฎ shows that the liver, too, has regions that become south polarized in cancer patients. So it cannot detoxify enough harmful chemicals during daytime. It cannot fill its bile full of toxins and bacteria and pour it into the intestine, as it should, thereby moving the bowels. Constipation is common.

At night, when the sick liver regions finally become northerly (wrong again), they do not get the cooperation of the healthy organs that it serves, because now they are "asleep"; so it does not make bile flow and move the bowels then, either (nighttime).

Other alternative therapists have discovered that a stimulant like coffee could be used by enema to activate the liver, forcing it to make bile and release it into the intestine. Coffee enemas are a standard part of other programs. They would certainly be useful for us, too, if it were not for the asbestos and processing solvents in coffee. Even though asbestos can be filtered out, its iron is set free and left behind as Fe2O3,  the south pole kind, altogether too risky. Still we must activate and cleanse the liver somehow. We will use herbs.

Removing accumulated ferrite iron (Fe2O3) and asbestos (which supplies such iron) will come first in our body clean up, together with nickel from automotive greases and mercury from amalgam. This will give kidneys and liver their northerly polarization back by day in order to do serious detoxification and excretion.

Vitamin C dissolves some iron deposits but does not attack asbestos. You need it in large amounts, so it will also have a diuretic effect. Be sure to use regular 1-ascorbic acid, not a neutralized variety. Instead, take your calcium, magnesium and potassium supplements along with it. Find how much you tolerate before the bowels get too loose. It could be 10 or 20 grams (2 or 4 tsp.). Of course, a loose bowel is just what is needed to speed up elimination, but not beyond endurance.

Intravenous vitamin C can give you up to 100 grams a day, when used by a skilled therapist who gives enough calcium and magnesium in the same IV to keep it all neutral. It gives a diuretic effect at the same time as removing iron deposits.

Rose hips are a source of organic vitamin C, quite a bit more potent that the pure synthetic form. In nature it comes with extra factors that help with its action. A great deal of manufactured vitamin C in the market place is contaminated with thulium, a lanthanide! This kind of supplement would be much more harmful than helpful. Lanthanides were discussed in earlier books. Thulium, in particular, is very harmful (testers should search for this toxin). Supplements of vitamin C are often contaminated with laundry bleach. Avoid this kind. Rose hips, coarse ground, including seeds are best.

Drinking northerly-polarized water helps immensely to switch back the kidneys and liver to their correct polarization. Drink one pint in the morning, when thirst is greatest. Putting herbal teas and rainwater on the zappicator to make them north polarized helps, too. I low this combats wrong polarization is not clear. But the kidneys will get right to work excreting toxins for a short time. Do not drink it after 8 p.m. since toxins would not be normally excreted in the night. The good effect of north polarized water is temporary, so keep it up till you are cured and beyond.

Wearing north pole magnets of low strength (10 gauss) over the kidneys helps them become north polarized, too. Be extra careful to put the correct pole touching your skin; always test your own with a compass. Do it yourself because confusion is everywhere. Wear them by daytime only.

Sitting on a stronger magnet of several thousand gauss is helpful, too. A 4" x 5" coated ceramic magnet of 3000 to 5000 gauss switches the kidneys to north after 5 minutes. BE SURE YOU ARE SEATED ON THE NORTH POLE SIDE. If you can't be sure, don't use it. Use any small compass to check, twice. Then get off it for 25 minutes and repeat the cycle throughout the day. The northerly polarization lasts about 20 minutes each time. The force reaches through your clothing and upward through your body to the kidneys.

"Zapping the kidneys changes the polarization to north for 20 minute periods. Taking kidney drops also does this. In fact the urge to empty the bladder is often felt right afterwards.

With all these ways to repolarize the kidneys, we might think it should be easy and permanent. It is not-for a special reason. With every load of ferrite iron and asbestos brought from the tumor zone and now passing through the kidneys, they tend to get stuck in a south state again. Only after the tumors and body are cleared will the kidneys stay north polarized without help. It could take three weeks. But you do not have to wait to get this done before starting to detoxify. As long as the white blood cells are being fed, their immunity destroyers being removed, and 2 quarts (liters) of urine being excreted, it will be enough. As long as the bowels are moving every day, either naturally or by enema, it will be enough to get started.

(From "The Prevention of all Cancers", pages 191-196; Copyright notice)

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