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Metals and solvents

LAUNDRY BLEACH - search in water.

MOTOR OIL -  search in water.

ASBESTOS -  search in water, house dust, food.

MIXED HEAVY METALS -  search in water, cookware, dentalware, supplements, foods.

MIXED AZO DYES - search in water, supplements, food, drugs, enamel and plastic food containers, plastic teeth, toothbrush, etc. Search for Fast Red, Fast Green, Fast Garnet, Fast Blue, Fast Red violet, DAB, Sudan Black B

MALONIC ACID SET -  search in water, cookware, dishes, utensils, food, dentalware.

MERCURY, THALLIUM -  search for amalgam in dentalware, mercury and thallium in glass and Teflon food containers, tampons, medicine, supplements.

GOLD - search in dentalware, jewelry, glassware

URANIUM -  search for water softener salts in water, medicines, supplements.

COPPER -  search in water, water pipes, dentalware, cookware, supplements, and in liver.

COBALT -  search in water, cookware, supplements, dish detergent, and in heart, liver, WBC and critical organ. Check blood test for low LDH, alk phos.

CHROMIUM -  search in water, cookware, food, eyebrow pencil, water softener salts, supplements, and for yeast, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus in lymph,

GERMANIUM, STRONTIUM – if positive for germanium, search for hypochlorite (chlorination treatment) in water, saliva. If Positive for strontium, search distilled water, toothpaste, malfunctioning filter.

VANADIUM -  search in cookware, plastic teeth, house dust, n leaks in pipes to gas stove, furnace, water heater, candles, diesel fuel

SELENIUM -  search in supplements (vitamin C), cookware.

NICKEL -  search in water, dentalware, jewelry, cookware, glassframes,  watchbands, and for yeast, E. coli, Staphylococcus, HIV, Clostridium.

ALUMINIUM -  search in water, body products, food, cookware; and at throat, cerebrum, skin.

LEAD - search in water, drugs, supplements, and at liver, bone marrow, colon.

BROMINE -  search in breads, cereals, spices.

CADMIUM -  search in water, cookware, dentalware, supplements, drugs. Search at kidneys.

THULIUM -  search in water, vitamin C, supplements, drugs.

FORMALDEHYDE - search in house dust, food, foam mattresses, new clothing, panelling, foam chairs

 ARSENIC, RUTHENIUM - if Positive for arsenic, search in house dust, In carpet and furniture „treated“ for stain resistance, in wallpaper, in ant and roach hives, grains of pesticide.  If Positive for ruthenium, search in distilled water, charcoal filters.

METHANOL -  search in diet and at pancreas, eyes. Also search for benzene.

BENZENE -  search in water, foods, medicines, body products, supplements.

PCBs -  search in water, foods, medicines, body products, supplements.

BARIUM – search in lipstick, in bus exhaust

ANTIMONY – search in eye liner

TITANIUM – search in face powder and metal dentalware

FIBERGLASS - search insulation behind holes in ceiling or uncovered outlets, water heater jackets, stuffed around fans and air conditioners, insulation

CFCs (Freon) – search in refrigerators, in air conditioners, in spray cans

CESIUM – search in plastics

TIN – search in toothpaste

YTTERBIUM, ERBIUM, TERBIUM – search in plastic tooth fillings, in vitamins and supplements

PRASEODYMIUM, NIOBIUM, NEODYMIUM, YTTRIUM – search in prescription drugs

BENZALKONIUM AND ZIRCONIUM – search in tea bags, deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, cosmetics

(From: "The Prevention of all Cancers", p. 277-286; Copyright)


Toxins & chelation
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