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Kidney and spine magnets – 10 gauss magnets

Big magnets – between 4000 and 5000 gauss


  • Stops DNA production by Clostridium
  • Pulls iron and lanthanides out of your tissues including excess ferritin that coats the WBCs
  • Helps kidneys become north polarized


  • Place the north side AGAINST your skin. Check each magnet with a compass.
  • 10 gauss magnets – wear by day time – two over each kidney region and one over the middle of spine of back of neck.

Or instead of the small magnets:

  • Sit on a large magnet 4000 to 5000 gauss, for 5 minutes, then get off for 25 minutes, repeat as often as possible throughout the day


  • Do not position the magnet over the heart.
  • Do not use the high strength magnet if you have a pacemaker
  • Keep it away from delicate instruments
  • Dropping or heating could change its polarity

(From: “The Prevention of all Cancers, pages 247 + 267, “The Cure for all advanced Cancers”, page 171; Copyright notice)

Toxins & chelation
by successteam

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