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Cure or Remission?

The first step in curing your cancer, once it is found, is to change your residence. Without this, there will be no chance of curing your cancer permanently. A clinical or alternative treatment may give you quick success, at first, as any band-aid would to a painful wound, but not a permanent cure ... only remission.

Of course, you must move to a location that is bleaching the water correctly. When you do this, precancerous growths and very early tumors will probably clear themselves. But when you do this, already diagnosed with cancer, will you be cured permanently? This depends on removing the 5 toxins from your body. It is these 5 that destroy your immune power. Taking immune boosters is a minor, very temporary help. Only taking the toxins out of your body can bring back your immune power. Fortunately, we have found ways to clear them all out in about 3 weeks. The body is a miraculous living machine. Once you rescue it from its 5 worst enemies, and nurture it with a few critical supplements, it rewards you with a cure. The "magic" substances are organic germanium, organic selenium, and organic vitamin C. We will discuss these later.

We might imagine that filtering the water, distilling it, or treating it in some "purifying" way could clean it and remove these 5 toxin categories. We might imagine that carrying in clean water for drinking and cooking purposes would be sufficient. It is not. All patients got a cancer recurrence after trying one of these "shortcuts". At first, their health merely declined. Later they got cancer again.

Guard your first success, whether you got it using natural means or by the usual clinical means. You cannot change the water department's policies or people's habits. Move. After finding good water in another water district, move immediately. The water you drink exchanges with all your body's water in 2 days! This is much faster than the rate for food. Don't delay this because it is the most significant and fast-acting part of the cure. In 3 weeks you can be a different person.

What guarantee do you have that the water you switch to will stay good? None! But habits get ingrained for responsible or irresponsible behavior. Over a 5 year period I have only seen three switches in water bleaching policy by any water department.

When your immune power goes down, the number and variety of parasites goes up; the number and variety of bacteria and viruses also goes up. Parasites bring us their own viruses and some are oncoviruses (tumor-causing viruses). They bring their own bacteria, too. Parasites are not newcomers for people. We have had them for millennia because they came from rats, mice, chickens, rabbits, pigs, cows, horses, dogs, all animals we have lived with for these same millennia. In theory, we should not get animal parasites. But in immunodepressed conditions we do.

Losing immune power happens stepwise; first it affects the kidneys, then the organ with a tumor. We will see later, why this organ is "chosen". Without immune power in a particular organ, there is no normal "housekeeping" done there. No metals nor solvents coming in with the bad bleach water are removed. No azo dyes, nor asbestos slivers are removed. Even the chlorine itself, in the form of hypochlorite, accumulates. Both metals and chlorine are strong oxidizers. The whole area becomes over oxidized from toxic metals and chlorine accumulating there. The area becomes a "toxic dumpsite" for the body, complete with living invaders. Eventually, there is no organic selenium, organic germanium, or reduced vitamin C left for the white blood cells to use. It has all been oxidized, and is now useless and even toxic. More immunity damage will come from the PCBs and benzene accumulated. Finally, as oxidized iron is formed and accumulates, the toxic zone switches to a south polarized zone. This is mainly due to nickel, one of the heavy metals being drunk. Iron oxidized to the ferrite, Fe2O3, has a south polarization. Nickel can oxidize the iron in your body and start this pathological process. It will spread.

We will discuss the meaning of magnetic polarization later. Meanwhile, we can see that the accumulation of toxins and parasites will go faster and faster. The more toxins have accumulated to lower your immunity, the more parasites and pathogens (bad bacteria and viruses) will grow. The more invaders grow, the sicker the organ gets, letting in more toxins. The kidneys will be affected first. Will there be a limit? Can the body protect itself from being completely invaded and turned into a systemic waste site? Is that why the body wraps the tumor in a tough coat-to limit its invasion? Why aren't we consciously aware of all this?

With a paralyzed immune system in the tumor zone where so many unwanted things have accumulated, the body's only recourse is detoxification. This is a very heavy burden for some small organ or tissue. The large liver and kidneys were meant to do most of this. A smaller organ normally relies on its white blood cells (immune system) to eat most of the toxins or enemies that arrive. And, of course, detoxification does not kill anything, such as parasites, bacteria or viruses. It only does detoxifying-chemistry, whereas the immune system could do both.

The accumulation of heavy metals in the tumor zone has left it in an oxidized state.

The body's metabolism normally shuttles between oxidized and reduced states, back and forth continually, to make energy for the life process. It must not get stuck in any one state.

Reducing action to counteract over-oxidation is a method we will use to help the body free itself from its stuck position. But let us stop for a minute. Isn't food, ordinary food the reducer meant to do this? Meant to bring the oxidized state back to the reduced state? Why can't our metabolism get us unstuck from iron overoxidation and magnetic consequences? Are we missing essential factors to make it all possible? Are these factors destroyed by the toxic accumulation? We do not yet know. Meanwhile, we will use vitamin C and sulfur compounds, time-honored supplements that are reducers. Making it possible to reduce iron again, in the cyclic way that it should, helps the most. It will correct the magnetic polarization at the tumor sites and kidneys, so cycling becomes automatic again.

(From: "The Prevention of all Cancers", page 17-20; Copyright notice)

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