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What Is Polarization?

We are familiar with the north and south poles of a magnet. Many kinds of iron, even nails and tin cans of food have a north and south pole in them, showing us the strength of the earth’s magnetic field, which produced them. Less than ½ gauss, which is the approximate strength of the earth’s field in USA, sounds small but it had the strength to produce these magnetized items! That is not polarization, though. It is polarity. All magnets have a south and north pole, called polarity. Often many poles lie like a pile of logs, not neatly aligned, in metal objects. Going around the rim of a tin can with a compass even shows reversals that identify where the pole’s axis is switched. Each axis has poles at the ends.
There is never a south pole without a north pole and, actually, all molecules whether made of iron or not have some polarity. To produce a polarity, all that is needed is a moving charge such as moving electrons and these are possessed by all molecules. But sometimes the polarity of a molecule is very strong and sometimes very weak. Strong polarity can reach out to neighboring molecules and align whole blocs of molecules into domains so that the crystal structure of a piece of metal is affected by them. Iron molecules are especially capable of this, so iron makes strong magnets. If you have a rather long magnet, such as a 6 inch nail, the influence of each of the poles can be seen separately. One end is north and the other south. These forces are not the same, or merely in opposite directions.

Water is influenced differently by the north and south pole of a magnet. Water is our most important substance. It is part of the very Nature of life, present everywhere in our bodies.
When a small bottle of water taken from the kitchen faucet is placed on the north pole of a magnet (actually standing right on it) something happens. It can easily be identified by the Syncrometer® later. After a few minutes the water will resonate with the north pole of a magnet and not with a south pole. A tiny 10 gauss ceramic magnet held 3” above the Syncrometer® plate with the north side down resonates the circuit when the north pole water is placed on the sister plate. Water placed on a south pole magnet will resonate with the south pole of a magnet held above the plate. Notice that the water develops the same polarization as the magnet it is placed on. It resonates with the same magnetic field that created it.

This is opposite to the behavior of a metal like iron. If a piece of iron is placed near one pole of a magnet, the opposite pole is produced in the iron. And as surely as one pole is produced in iron, there is another pole produced farther away so that in reality both poles are produced.

Water behaves differently. It has been influenced by the magnet to produce the same pole-like behavior. Living tissue behaves like water. Only the same polarization is produced as the pole that made it. No equal and opposite polarization has ever been measured by Syncrometer®.

When rainwater falls into a plastic bag and is immediately tested with a Syncrometer® it is north polarized. It always contains Fe304, which acts like a north pole. It is the same for the southern hemisphere. But its chemistry soon changes to more oxidized forms of minerals, and from Fe3O4 to Fe2O3, from magnetite to ferrite. When this has happened the water switches to south polarized. It now resonates with the south pole end of a real magnet or any sample of water that was placed on a south pole.

Should we be drinking water that is north polarized, namely, bringing minute amounts of Fe304? Or should we be drinking south polarized, unpolarized, or bipolarized water? The water that induced cancer in all our cancer patients was south polarized. Remember that stem cell factor is attracted to south polarized regions. Cell division only occurs in south polarized places, according to Syncrometer® tests. Asbestos in water makes it south polarized.

Water is never pure in Nature. It has innumerable elements and compounds dissolved in it or floating about in it. Water from your tap has many more chemicals besides. They were added without regard for polarization. I believe it does matter, judging by these Syncrometer® observations.

Food, too, in its natural state is north polarized, except for the seed, which is south. Cell divisions will begin in the seed after water enters. The seed grows in water; all life takes place in water. Is the south pole a villain? Does it represent all that’s bad? Not at all! Plant matter and animals are only north polarized by daytime! They switch in the night to south polarized. The switch back comes in the early morning with the first rays of sunlight, and repeats the cycle in the early evening, before sunset. South polarization must have vital importance, too.

Magnetic Polarization Of Food

One of Nature’s deepest mysteries is the influence of the earth’s magnetic field on our bodies, on our health…perhaps on all living things. Fruit and vegetables, leaves and flowers, even nuts and grains are north polarized when they are freshly picked or purchased. Inside, where the seeds are, the polarization is southerly. But the soft parts begin to age and wilt and show deterioration within a week of being stored in the refrigerator. The northerly polarization is changing to southerly! It happens gradually. A large bunch of grapes will have some turned completely south in a few days, the wrinkled ones, while others are still completely north (the freshest looking ones). The seed does not change its polarization.

My conclusion is that we were meant to eat northerly polarized food, with just a little bit of southerly food in the form of seeds. Yet, most of the food we eat, even refrigerated food, has turned at least partly south. We are getting an overdose of south polarized food as well as water.
That is why I recommend zappicating our food, especially when we are sick.

(from The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers; pages 242-245; 552; Copyright)

Food & allergies
by successteam

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