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Food Allergies 

Why does a new allergy develop? As you eat a certain food, the liver can not digest and detoxify all of the substances in that food. Food is a complex mixture. All food has phenolic substances. They give the food its color, its flavor, its fragrance. You may have put yourself on a diet rich in cabbage, broccoli and other members of the "cabbage-family". These will bring the substance PIT*. Or on a diet of carrot juice! This brings umbelliferone allergy. The intention to eat much more of these fine natural foods was good, but you can be misled. Your metabolism, the body's quiet chemistry, has been disturbed by interlopers, Fasciolopsis buski, and Salmonella enteriditis. They bring allergies.

How did the allergy happen? One small part of your body was turned southerly by the heavy metals in your drinking water, specifically nickel. If that part also acquires a Fasciolopsis stage, its own partner bacteria will be very stimulated to multiply. Its partner bacteria are Bacillus cereus, ordinary soil bacteria. But they produce tyramine in a steady stream. Tyramine formed in a southerly region becomes d­tyramine, not the kind your body can work with. Soon its closest relatives, l-tyrosine, l-thyroxine, and l-phenyl alanine will all become d-forms, too, in the neighborhood of Fasciolopsis buski. These cannot be used by your body either. Your ever-alert immune system will notice this immediately because having no useful thyroid hormone (only d-thyroxine) is an emergency. It will start to destroy them. It will destroy any "wrong form" amino acid anywhere in your body and those that you _eat, too. Examples are coumarin in the lung, menadione in the blood, d-histidine and any other d-forms at other organs. You may call it a mere allergy when you have symptoms like cramps, rashes, and swelling, but the Syncrometerฎ detects that your white blood cells are hard at work in an allergic tissue. They are eating and getting rid of these wrong forms. See also page 65.

How Salmonella enteriditis causes allergies is not yet known. Its preferred location is in your pancreas, so your pancreatin enzymes are missing asparaginase. You begin to burp and have discomfort after eating. You get "gassy". Maybe it was the liver's job to change all the wrong d-forms back to their correct l-forms. But that will not be possible if the liver itself has turned southerly in spots or just can't keep up.

As soon as you sense a new allergy or suspect a new lump, rush to do a liver cleanse (see page 563) and do one every 2 weeks till your liver action is much better. Rush to rid yourself of more Fasciolopsises by depriving them of onion-chemicals. Rush to find your source of gold, molybdenum and ruthenium. Rush to find the allergy.

Try to find out which organ really has the new lump. Even very small organs may have a unique antigen. Start removing this organ's metal collection, particularly nickel, which implicates wheel bearing grease. EDTA chelation would always help. Avoid the food antigen for this organ. Kill your parasites, bacteria, and oncoviruses. Do all you can to switch this organ back to north.

In fact, even if you have only a primary tumor, you should do liver cleanses to prevent metastases. A cleaner liver gives you better digestion, fewer parasites, and less allergies.

(From: "The Prevention of all Cancers", pages 184-186; Copyright notice)

Food & allergies
by successteam

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