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A Special Allergy

We are all damaged by eating foods we are allergic to and we all respond the same way. Our organs fight back when they get these substances by making prostaglandin E2 (PGE2). It is not made immediately-not the first few times we eat it. It is made later, when a south pole force, perhaps nickel, has arrived at that organ. No matter which food allergen is causing the never-ending irritation, the organ cells respond by making PGE2. After this the cells no longer seem to stick together to make normal tight tissues. Maybe (and this is only a theory) they are forced to spill their enzymes, like collagenase. This enzyme digests collagen in its neighborhood. Then cells would loosen their hold on neighbor-cells and set themselves free to roam.

Allergies make PGE2 

(From:"The Prevention of all Cancers", page 59; Copyright notice)

Allergy Explosion

Meanwhile, another parasite, Fasciolopsis buski, enters the tumor zone to produce a growth stimulant, orthophosphotyrosine (OPT). A bacterium, Bacillus cereus, streams from this fluke, its own personal host. These bacteria produce d-tyramine, a special amine that can turn nearby substances from l-form to d-form, like itself. Amines are made from amino acids by the body's chemistry. Northerly zones have changed to southerly zones where the d-forms are made.

L-tyramine is a normal phenolic amine, formed from the phenolic amino acids, l-tyrosine, andl1-phenyl alanine. L-­tyrosine will make your l-thyroxine, your normal thyroid hormone. Your metabolism uses l-forms but Bacillus cereus makes d-forms of tyramine.

How could the d-form be contagious? Yet, all the l-amino acids in the near neighborhood have soon switched to d-forms! By interacting with other phenolic-type amino acids (those with a OH attached to their rings) to establish an equilibrium, it seems possible to perpetuate d-forms in the presence of south pole forces.

The d-form process spreads from d-tyramine to the neighboring phenolics making d-thyroxine, d-phenylalanine, d­t-yrosine, d-histidine, and more. The d-amino acids cannot be used by the body. The d-form of our thyroid hormone can do nothing for our bodies. We are now lacking this essential hormone. It is an emergency for the tissue. This should get immediate attention and it does. PGE2 is made.

The change in amino acid structure from l- to d- alerts the tissue to call in the allergy-fighting mechanism. But the situation is made much worse when food after food that we eat has many d-forms of amino acids and d-forms of phenolics. They stimulate more PGE2 because the body considers them allergens, too. We should not eat them. I believe it is the similarity between phenolic food allergens and our phenolic amino acids that allows this "creeping allergy" of 1-forms to d­-forms to extend to our foods. We should eat only the freshest of food that has l-forms exclusively. We should carefully avoid aged food, regardless of its chemical preservation to avoid getting more d-forms. The F. buski fluke is acting as a catalyst for this allergy explosion. This is the forerunner of metastasis. Once more F. buski plays a role in cancer ... metastasis.

The allergy explosion fills us up with inflammations from PGE2. The inflammations open the doorways of our cells to bacteria and viruses. Now we get sick. Pain bacteria, bloating and gas bacteria, cough-mycoplasmas, sweats-mycobacteria, diarrhea bacteria... all these make the cancer patient miserable. We must stop the allergy process by killing more F. buski. To stop the allergy immediately we must stop eating the responsible phenolics.

(From:"The Prevention of all Cancers", page 65-66; Copyright notice)

Food & allergies
by successteam

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