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The Flu again

Remember, there is a price to be paid for killing so much so quickly in your body. When an animal is "wormed" intensively, it can get quite ill. Yet, "sick-time off' is a luxury

that is not available for many cancer patients. Every day must show advances made over parasitism and immune depression. What can you expect realistically? Although the Clostridium takeover and fungal growth can be avoided with enough digestive enzymes, detox-illness cannot be entirely avoided. The discipline of prevention is too demanding. What can you expect from zapping 8 hours when you are a very advanced case? This means you have a lot of F. buski's to kill. And a lot of Flu and salmonella "bugs" will escape into you! Next morning you may awaken to see the ceiling rotate and find it necessary to hug the walls as you search for the bathroom, which seems to have moved. But your mood is just fine; it even seems a bit funny. This is the prion contribution to detox­illness. If your caregiver would quickly make "gold-out-of-the-hypothalamus" drops and a cup of birch bark tea, or give you Reishi mushroom, you would soon be "set right" again.

Prions are associated with gold. Remove all gold metal if you had forgotten, that very day. Birch bark tea has natural fluoride; perhaps it chelates out gold. Maybe it or Reishi (Ganoderma) mushroom act directly to kill prions.

If, instead, you begin to shiver, ache all over, cough and feel a sore throat, it is the Flu, with or without Adenovirus, the common cold. You immediately know you killed a "buski" and an Ascaris. F. buski presented you with the Flu, and Ascaris gave you the cold. You must stay warm in bed and drink Boneset tea, Eucalyptus tea and small sips of Elder leaf tea throughout the day. These can have you feeling fine again in hours. Also take a dose of Oscillococcinum at bedtime, homeopathic medicine for Flu, to feel normal next day.

But if you get a fever, nausea and diarrhea, you have salmonellas. These can be terminated with 6 doses of Lugol's, 6 drops each in cup water, during the day. Salmonellas need gold, ruthenium, and molybdenum. Killing salmonellas releases the gold they have been using. Then prions can snatch it. Without gold in your body, you could not get Salmonella illness, nor prions!

If you can't test for these detox-"bugs" yourself, you must treat yourself for all of them ... or miss several days of cancer curing till you are back to normal again. This time, study which parts of the 3-Week Program protect you from each "bug". And if you forget to take your protective supplements again, this time you might be able to smile as you feel ill, while gloating over your "real" evidence of progress: detox­ did reach and kill some F. buski's.

But if you get quite ill and lose weight over it, ask your caregiver to take over the responsibility of preventing detox­symptoms while you agree to dutifully sip, swallow or take whatever is put before you.

Your cancer does not get worse from a bout of detox­illness. In fact, it could even be helped by a fever. Fever­inducing "bugs" have been used successfully to combat cancer*. But losing weight is serious.

It is important to know that if you develop any after effect from zapping, however small or large, we have always found it to be due to Flu, Salmonella and Prions, not a worsening of the cancer, or anything harmful. For some persons, weeping plays a role in detox-illness, too. This is caused by a special Clostridium variety, C. botulinum. It appears after killing human liver flukes. If you kill very many, the C. botulinum "undertaker" bacteria can reach the hypothalamus, so weeping starts. If you are a "weeper", be sure to drink Eucalyptus tea to kill all Clostridium and take drops of oregano oil (in capsules) daily to stay cheerful while you zap and starve the flukes.

After plate-zapping the organ that made the tumor, zap the tumor itself. Follow these detailed instructions.

(From:"The Prevention of all Cancers", pages 88-90; Copyright notice)

Detoxification illnesses
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